2010 The Year to Finish Projects

I plan this year to finish the five major writing or writing related projects that I’ve been working on.
One: complete the editing of my biography about the life and times of Maria Sybilla Merian, a woman who captured my heart because she played with caterpillars all of her life, was a very important part of the development of the field of entomology, did her own meticulous research, and became famous. She persevered and did all of this even though everything was stacked against her. What a gal!
Two: finish the illustrations for a children’s book written by Beverly Crandall.
Three: complete the last bit needed for my picture book about Maria Sybilla Merian, and send the dummy book out searching for a publisher.
Four: send out a children’s book I have written about a ghost’s discovery that he is a ghost.
Five: complete the writing of a 50,000 word mystery novel during the month of January, even though I have a slow start right now. : )

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