Nancy Dailey

I have always loved to draw and paint.  In high school I got caught drawing a teacher.  I knew I was in big trouble when she took the drawing and left the room.  Sure enough, I was soon called out.  But what happened astounded me.  My schedule of classes had been quickly rearranged and changed to include art!  If anyone had told me then that I would teach art for over thirty years, the size of my eyes would’ve outgrown my face — that was so impossible!

Writing crept up on me while I was busy teaching and raising a family.  Finally, encouraged by my husband I enrolled in the Institute of Children’s Literature of West Redding, Connecticut.  I was amazed at what began to flow from my pen!

As an educator I was always looking for something to enhance the classroom experience, something involving looking at things in a different way — both literally and figuratively.  I experimented, researched, and sometimes learned along with my students.

These days I’m painting for myself, currently ocean scenes in watercolor.  I also make one-of-a-kind pendants from seashells.  I’ve illustrated a children’s book which has been published in Holland.  I’ve begun writing again.  Currently I am working on two books: a picture book and a fictionalized biography.