Official Art Museum Board Member!

Went to my first Springfield Art Museum board meeting this evening; everybody was very friendly and I enjoyed being there. It took about two months to become official. Of course first there was the interview with the assistant mayor and the director of the art museum. Then the city council had to approve my nomination, and finally I was sworn in at another city council meeting. Verrry Interrrresting…. 😛

Finished Watercolor #1

finished watercolor painting

I noticed when I read the last post that I didn’t really explain what happened with the gel. The gel in the jar is white; when I stamped it on for the foam it was a beautiful white–just what I wanted. And then…it just disappeared! Oh, you could feel it, just not see it.

So with the gel mixed with some white paint, I redid the foam and added more. A little darkening in spots in the ocean and on the beach finished off the painting.

Then came my next adventure: Taking Off the Brown Tape

I expected to just get hold of an edge and rip it right off. It would not come off, never mind ripping. I finally had to painstakingly damped about half an inch at a time and then very carefully lift it off millimeter by millimeter with an X-acto knife. It took two days of laborious effort.

I am quite happy with my first attempt at painting an ocean scene with watercolor.

Now, on to number two!