Coins from Frankfurt 1647-1658

I soon became curious as to what kind of money was around during Maria Sybilla's lifetime; the hunt was on!
This coin was minted in Frankfurt in 1647, the year Maria Sybilla Merian was born.  Its denomination is that of an Albus.  Having never heard of that before, I began to research to try to get an idea of how much it was worth at the time.  That, I soon discovered, is practically impossible to do.  Not only were different coins minted in different cities and different areas, but there were also coins that were called by the same name that had a slightly different values.  Throw in exchange rates and it all gets very confusing.  Now add the fact that there is very little written about what things cost back then.  I have no more idea of what it's worth now than I did when I started!
These coins were given to the parents of newborns when the baby was baptized.   The side with writing on it says: "Be true until death and I will give you the crown of life." 
This coin was minted  to celebrate the coronation of Leopold I as Holy Roman Emperor.  The coronation and celebration was held in Frankfurt when Maria Sybilla Merian was eleven years old.  The inscription is in Latin; the date given is Ausust 1, 1658. 
I find it fascinating that these coins are still in existence!

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