Educator for 30+ Years

Nancy taught in the following public schools of Missouri:


ART: Elementary and High School


ART: High School
ENGLISH: High School

Ash Grove

ART: Elementary, Junior High, and High School
Her students’ artwork was accepted and shown in both national and international exhibitions.
GERMAN: Junior High and High School

Innovations & Research:

— Invented and built a large dark box to teach photography (before digital photography)
— Researched and recreated how the artists of the Middle Ages made their paint and incorporated the process into a class assignment for high school students
— Researched how prehistoric humans and Egyptians made their paint and recreated the process with students to use in their assignments in junior high.
— Taught some techniques of drawing on the right side of the brain with high school students.

Currently retired, but can be persuaded to substitute teach in once in awhile.

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clipping from Ash Grove newspaper