Finished Watercolor #1

finished watercolor painting

I noticed when I read the last post that I didn’t really explain what happened with the gel. The gel in the jar is white; when I stamped it on for the foam it was a beautiful white–just what I wanted. And then…it just disappeared! Oh, you could feel it, just not see it.

So with the gel mixed with some white paint, I redid the foam and added more. A little darkening in spots in the ocean and on the beach finished off the painting.

Then came my next adventure: Taking Off the Brown Tape

I expected to just get hold of an edge and rip it right off. It would not come off, never mind ripping. I finally had to painstakingly damped about half an inch at a time and then very carefully lift it off millimeter by millimeter with an X-acto knife. It took two days of laborious effort.

I am quite happy with my first attempt at painting an ocean scene with watercolor.

Now, on to number two!

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