Ice Sculptures in Branson

carvingice Ice swordfish

My son-in-law and I spent the afternoon in Branson marveling at the creativity shown by all the sculptures there.  Watching the artists at work was fascinating!  The weather was way too warm, though, and made their job much, much more difficult.  The bright sunshine was a major hazard; even an overcast day would have been better for them.    I, however, was thoroughly intrigued watching how they added pieces and reattached parts that fell off.

Of all the tools the artists used–chainsaws, chisels, drills, etc.–the most unexpected was the ye ole household iron!  The combination of applied heated board to one surface and dry ice to another seems to act as a glue when the two pieces are then put together.

This was the first time I have seen such an event.  It will not be the last!

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