Search for the Old City Continues

  This time I had better luck in getting a feel for the size of the old city of Frankfurt am Main.  A wonderful scale model replica of the city is on display in the Frankfurt Historical Museum.  The model, built by brothers Hermann and Robert Treuner were made on a scale of 1:200.  They began working on this in 1926 but were interrupted by the devasting bombing of Frankfurt during WWII which totally destroyed everything.  (Well, everything except for one building–that's all that was left!)  Hermann Treuner finished what he could in 1955.  The model does not show the entire old city because the documentation of how it all looked was gone.  He could only finish what they already had to work with.
  Still, by comparing this model with maps showing the old city, it was much easier to get a sense of the size.  Everything still seemed close and easily within walking distance.
  The city model also showed dramatically how the St. Bartholomew Church (also known as the Dom) rose majestically above the rest of the city.  It's spire could be seen from anywhere in town.  This is the church where Leopold I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor when Maria Sybilla Merian was eleven years old.

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