Dispatch from Suriname: Paramaribo Likes You, Too

Paramaribo Architecture

Image via: Oskari Kettunen aka "aokettun" on Flickr

Picture wooden buildings with red tin roofs, many buildings with peeling paint, interesting architecture…that’s a start. People are very friendly here, and ask me how I like Paramaribo. And when I say I do, some say, “Paramaribo likes you, too.”


Dispatch from Suriname: Fresh Papaya!


Image via Janine aka "janineomg" on Flickr

Got up this morning when I heard the birds singing and people talking out on the porch downstairs. My first order of business, after breakfast (discovered I absolutely LOVE fresh papaya!), was to find the bookstore and buy a map… Next on my list was to book a trip into the rain forest (Monday).

Wandered around a bit; found the Palm Garden and the Presidential Palace…and the big wooden church of Sts. Peter and Paul… If I get a little used to the layout of the city and where things are today, then I can zero in on something tomorrow.

Today it rained — a SUDDEN shower that lasted maybe two minutes. I happened to be enjoying a cold drink out on the porch of TwenTy4 at the time.


Getting Excited, But There are Still Things to Do

I now have my new passport! The old one has been expired for several years, and it feels good to have an active passport again. Besides, this new one looks much nicer–even down to my photograph! Don’t think I’ve ever had a passport photo that looked this good.
Now for the visa and…the dreaded S word…shots….

I’m trying to learn a few words of Dutch since that’s the official language of Surinam. That’s been interesting…! I do have to say that it’s a heck of a lot easier to retain other languages when you’re a bit younger. But I do like to know a few words that could prove to be useful before I go to other countries. (I just may have to take a “cheat sheet” though.)

One of the artist prints is almost finished. I am enjoying creating them!

Trying to Learn a bit of Dutch

Nederlands verkeersbord C14
I’ve been trying to improve on what little Dutch I know, mainly adding to my vocabulary. And I’ve discovered something baffling. Words that have an interesting sound are more likely to be retained. For instance, the word “fietsen” which means to bicycle. Now I don’t plan to bicycle in the rain forest. Or even in the city of Paramaribo, for that matter! And I’m sure I won’t find anything in the old Dutch records of 1699-1701 about bicycling, either. Yet that word clings to my brain while more useful words just slide right off. What’s up with that?