The Beautiful Fountain

image of fancy spire of Schoenebrunnen — Beautiful FountainThe tall fancy spire you see above the market booths is the Schoenebrunnen, or the Beautiful Fountain, and is very aptly named!  It is the most beautiul fountain I’ve ever seen.  And probably the tallest.  The workmanship that went into making this is absolutely incredible.

detail of the Beautiful Fountain, SchoenebrunnenHere is a close up of this fountain.  The photo was taken through the fancy wrought iron fence which encloses it.

Man touching a golden ring on the fountain's ironworkThe golden ring is supposed to bring good luck when you turn it.  Yes, it does move!  Of course, you have to find it first, and that is no easy task!  The ornate iron work is such that the ring blends in beautifully, and even the change of color does not stand out immediately.

another section of ironwork with a second iron ringAnd, unbeknownst to a lot of tourists, there is an iron ring on the other side of the fountain.  Some of the local people asked me if I knew about this one, and when I said no, they beckoned me to this side and said that turning this one ensures that you have children.  Apparently especially important after the plague which wiped out so many. Can you find it?

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