I’m getting very tired of all the rain, storms, high winds, and, of course, tornadoes!  It has rained so much I haven’t been able to get my rain barrel made; isn’t that ironic!  I’m sure that when I finally get it all done…well, we’ll probably have a drought and there will be no rain to catch.  Seems to be the way things often go around here.

I did become aware during this last dash to the basement as the tornado sirens screamed that what I take to the basement with me differs vastly from one time to the next.  When we have a bit more warning and I have time, I do a good job of packing and making sure I have flashlights and candles and matches; shoes and jacket just in case; other items of value which seem to vary quite a lot.  Sometimes its family information, photos, artwork–often my current project.  This last time all I took was the manuscript I’m working on and the backup flashdrive and my cell phone.  And this time we took not only our dog and her car seat, but also the visiting neighborhood cat.  Ya just never know.

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