Working on Watercolor

carved eraser of seafoamWell! I inadvertendly learned something else as I continued to work on this ocean painting. I was loaned some structure gel. Thought that might be interesting for the foam. Okay…

First I took an eraser and carved some foam. I then dipped the eraser into the gel and stamped the gel where I wanted the foam–to give it that three-dimensional look. It was great! I then left the room to do something else. When I came back…that wonderful foam had disappeared!!!! Well, it was clear, so it just as well have disappeared. What a disappointment.

I also added some white into the sky, and it blended in as nicely as oils do. Not sure how I managed that, but I like it. I also darkened the eye, beak, tail, and legs of the bird; and worked on the rocks.

The painting seems to be coming along nicely (in spite of me?), and I’m enjoying the adventure–feeling relaxed and happy.
painting in progress

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