My Artwork at The Creamery

Amelia Island

The Pit

These are the two pieces of my artwork on display in The Creamery during the month of March. This exhibit, in the office, shows some of the work of members of various Artist’s Way groups.

The painting on the left is a watercolor based on time spent on Amelia Island.

The pen and ink drawing on the right is one of the illustrations I did for a children’s book published in Holland in 2008. It was written by Inge de Graaf and titled “Matthijs in Honderdland.”

3 thoughts on “My Artwork at The Creamery

  1. Nancy, congrats. I didn’t know your site existed and just now stumbled across it.

    I’m so impressed with your site, artwork and illustrations. Bravo!


  2. Hello Nancy-Mom:

    I just couldn’t help making comments here because you look younger and healther than before! ^^
    Do you know where I can buy the book by you and Inge, or can I buy it from you? I am very much interested.

  3. Very nice Nancy. I didn’t know you were an artist. At the age of 70 I decided to take up painting, so after a few drawing lessons, away I went. Not bad for a beginner and it’s a lot of fun. I hope to get to some writers meetings this summer but it is a long drive and the road is so torn up between here and Springfield. But maybe see you one of these days.
    Shirley DeNolf

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