The Old Frankfurt City Hall

 The Römer, which consists of these three buildings with their stair-stepped facade, was the old City Hall where all official functions and events were held.
After being crowned Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I and his entourage walked from the church to this market square. The procession then entered the Limperberggasse on the side of the Römer and through wrought iron gates into a courtyard at the rear.  They then entered an upper level of the Römer by walking up a cupola covered circular outside stone stairway.  Entering a large room, they walked through a door on the left into the Kaisersaal.  Here is where the celebratory banquet was held for the new Emperor.
The Kaisersaal, with its large windows, was flooded with light.  The room has an arched, half-barrel ceiling.  The floor is a pattern of light colored wood squares enclosed in bands of dark wood.  But what I found to be the most interesting feature of the room is that the left side of the room is noticeably longer than the right side!
On display in the Kaisersaal is an engraving depicting the procession of Leopold I through the marketplace crowded with people.  This engraving was created by Caspar Merian who was Maria Sybilla Merian's half brother.  The engraving also shows a large wooden shed near the Nikolai Church at the corner of the marketplace.  In this open shed is a whole ox roasting on a large spit.  This is in preparation for a huge feast, not only for the officials but also for all the citizens of Frankfurt. 

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